Your letters for July 14, 2022

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After the long-awaited return of the chuckwagons: boring. What a snooze fest. Where is the excitement? This is a dumbed-down version of racing, catering to the so-called animal rights crowd in Vancouver. After watching chucks for over 50 years, I can’t believe it.

What do the cowboys really think? Nobody speaking up because they don’t want to be banned? Is this to save paying money out to nine teams? Never thought I’d see the Stampede knuckling under to animal rights activists who would rather see the horses go to meat plants rather than do what they live to do.

Wayne Beschell, Calgary

War Room doesn’t respond to strategy criticism

Re: Canadian Energy Centre reaches millions of people, Letter, July 2

Tom Olsen, chief executive officer and managing director of the Canadian Energy Centre, concluded his letter to the editor by saying, “The CEC doesn’t shy away from constructive criticism.”

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Council needs first-hand experience

Re: Transit fare hike possible as council sets the budget, July 8

When he was mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg often took the subway to work and other events.
Perhaps we need to see our mayor, city councillors/administrators and other city leaders take the CTrain (or buses) to work and other events.
If they feel safe, I imagine the rest of us will feel safe to ride transit.

Laurie O’Neil, Calgary

Title is for the office, not the holder

Mayor Jyoti Gondek’s request not to be addressed as “Your Worship” shows a serious misunderstanding. The address is a term of respect to the office of the mayor, not to Gondek herself.

There are perks that go with the office of mayor, such as the big chair in council chambers. If Gondek does not want those perks, then she should not take them, but it’s all or none.

The current generation has been watering down the respect we once had for each other. Instead of respectfully addressing a stranger as mister or missus, miss, or miz, another person is addressed by their first name.

Brenton Harding, Calgary

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