What’s the biggest election issue in Ward 1 Orléans East-Cumberland?

Here’s what the candidates had to say in our 2022 municipal election survey

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Quick facts about the Orléans East-Cumberland ward

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  • Population: 50,504 (2022, City of Ottawa forecast)
  • Area: 53.4 square kilometres (City of Ottawa)

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Incumbent: Matthew Luloff

Candidates running: Matthew Luloff, Rosemee Cantave and Tesse Franklin

Ward 01 - Orléans East–Cumberland
Ottawa Ward 1 Orléans East-Cumberland. Map: City of Ottawa Photo by City of Ottawa


Do you reside within this ward?

Matthew Luloff: No

Rosemee Cantave: Yes

Tesse Franklin: Did not participate

Why do you think you’re the best person to represent your ward?

Matthew Luloff: “I know Orléans and Orléans knows me. I have lived here most of my life. I know the issues deeply because this is the community that raised me. I have developed the strong connections needed to get things done and have made progress on every single promise I made in 2018”

Rosemee Cantave: “I know that municipal-level decisions impact our lives on a daily basis. I intend to represent my ward by bringing the voice of our constituents to the centre of decision-making and driving a citizen-focused agenda to serve our growing community in an inclusive way”

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Tesse Franklin: Did not participate

What is the most important issue in your ward? Why?

Matthew Luloff: “When opportunities are there for everyone and we have the proper infrastructure to support it, our community prospers. When we work close to home, we have more time to be with our families, our children benefit from our presence, local business thrives and our environmental impact falls. We need the infrastructure to support people being able to move about freely and by whatever means they choose, public or private. The Orléans Economic Corridor Secondary Plan will transform our main street (St. Joseph), encourage housing at all levels, deliver rentals so seniors can stay in the community after downsizing, and create rich and vibrant communities with the amenities we have desired for decades”

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Rosemee Cantave: Submitted multiple issues, awaiting updated response

Tesse Franklin: Did not participate

What is the most important issue citywide?

Matthew Luloff: “Frankly, a general lack of clear direction. Ottawa needs leadership with clear priorities and the vision to deliver on them. When leadership tries to be everything to everyone, we end up becoming nothing to anyone. Scattershot approaches, one-off pilots that become policy by default, appeasing small interest groups with sloganeering and poorly-thought-out policy, disconnected priorities, and a lack of an overall vision will leave us as a middling, mediocre city in the shadow of great capitals of the world. A set of solid principles and priorities and a long-term vision without regard for four-year elections cycles is needed”

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Rosemee Cantave: “Developing and growing our city with everyone in mind is a must, and affordable housing is an integral part of that. Having access to affordable and sustainable housing is crucial to improve the quality of life of everyone in this city. I will be advocating for allocating a portion of city building permits to be set aside for affordable housing and support higher building permit priority for the development of multi-tenant units”

Tesse Franklin: Did not participate


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