We fact-checked Doug Ford for a week, plus are Andrea Horwath and Steven Del Duca finished? Read the Star’s election coverage

It’s the last day of the provincial campaign. The Star has an inside look into how the leaders spent their final day vying for votes, how Doug Ford broke our fact-check system, what will happen if the NDP and Liberal leaders don’t perform as well as they hope to and more.

Leaders sprint to the finish as Ontario election campaign draws to a close

Polls show PC Leader Doug Ford as the front-runner. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has been spending her time in Conservative ridings where her party finished second in 2018, aiming to pull ahead this time. Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says win or lose, he’s not going anywhere. Here’s how each of the leaders spent their last day on the campaign trail.

Doug Ford broke the Star’s fact check

Fact-checker Lex Harvey set out to do what she’d done with every party leader over two elections: test the truthfulness of their statements. Doug Ford presented a unique twist when he said very little of checkable substance. Over five days, he made 19 checkable claims. Two were repeats of the same true claim. Of the 19, Harvey found five to be false, and six to be stretches. Read on to learn more about how he stacks up compared to the other leaders, and why one expert calls Ford’s lack of concrete information “alarming.”

Opinion: I don’t blame Doug Ford, I blame voters who slept in

Columnist Heather Mallick summarizes her experience of living under Doug Ford, calling the time “some of the worst years of our lives.” Read why she is shocked the PCs are likely to secure another majority government.

The Ontario election campaign is almost over. Are Andrea Horwath and Steven Del Duca finished too?

Andrea Horwath and Steven Del Duca are both optimistic even though polling has them trailing the Progressive Conservatives. Del Duca maintains he will stay on as leader of the Liberals if he wins or loses in his riding, but Horwath hinted at other opportunities.

Ontario’s politicians all tout the same fix for the housing crisis: supply, supply, supply. But experts say it’s not that simple

If you build more homes in the Greater Toronto Area, housing will become more affordable, right? All major parties vying to lead Ontario say they will try to make housing accessible by expanding supply to meet demand. However, experts say this won’t work. Here’s why.

Use the Star’s promise tracker to compare the Ontario party leaders’ pledges ahead of the 2022 provincial election

What issues do you care about most? Check to see how each party’s platform stacks up before you head out to the polls tomorrow.

And check out The Signal. It’s the Star’s provincial election forecast, and it’s constantly updated as new data is released. It aggregates publicly available polls and does not include internal party surveys.

The Signal shows that if the election was held today, the PCs would win 75 seats, the NDP 28 seats and the Liberals 20 seats.

One riding to watch is Parry Sound—Muskoka. Either the Greens or the Progressive conservatives could take it. Party leaders Andrea Horwath, Doug Ford and Mike Schreiner are all polling on track to retain their ridings. Polling indicates Steven Del Duca will likely not win in his riding of Vaughan–Woodbridge.

Morgan Bocknek works on the Star’s Digital Desk, based in Toronto. She is also a Star contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @mobocks


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