Turkey or ham? Survey settles the excellent Thanksgiving debates

Thanksgiving is a excellent time to sit all over with the loved ones and gorge on slumber-inducing turkey.

But do you favor the white meat or dim?

Some may possibly even lean in the direction of ham around turkey. Do you like your mashed potatoes sleek, or lumpy?

These are the great Thanksgiving debates that a new Maru Community Impression poll has appeared to settle.

The poll found that the greater part of Canadians (75 for every cent) rejoice Thanksgiving, which falls on Monday, Oct 10 this calendar year.

Ontarians are most probably to rejoice (88 for every cent) while Quebecers are minimum likely (40 for every cent).

Turkey was a resounding winner when it arrived to most popular principal dish, with 58 per cent finding it around Ham, which garnered just three for each cent of the vote.

A vegetarian Thanksgiving? Not really well-liked, with just two for each cent expressing they like a meatless feast.

White turkey meat (60 for every cent) prevailed in excess of dim meat (40 for each cent). And for all those with a sweet tooth, butter tarts with raisins (59 for each cent) have been more well-liked than without the need of raisins (41 for each cent).

Smooth mashed potatoes (84 for each cent) also defeat out lumpy (16 for every cent).

Regional variations in style (Source: Maru)

  • Atlantic Canadians (54 per cent) and all those residing in Alberta (51 per cent) are most probable to desire Cranberry Jelly whilst every single other region has a bulk who choose Cranberry sauce
  • People dwelling in Manitoba/Saskatchewan (69 per cent) are most most likely to prefer butter tarts with raisins as opposed to without
  • Those living in British Columbia (55 per cent) are the only vast majority between the provinces and regions to prefer a Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry sauce vs . Turkey Sandwich with no the sauce
  • Ontarians (19 per cent) are the whole lot who most favor lumpy potatoes versus smooth mashed potatoes
  • Albertan’s (52 per cent) are the only bulk in the total state that opt for dim Turkey meat above white
  • Those people dwelling in Québec (76 for every cent) and Atlantic Canada (71 per cent) are the most very likely Canadians to like Thanksgiving dishes combined on the plate vs . savored individually
  • People residing in Québec (45 for each cent) and Atlantic Canada (42 for every cent) are the most partial to applying the phrase “dressing” versus the expression “stuffing”
  • People dwelling in Manitoba/Saskatchewan (37 for every cent) and in Atlantic Canada (37 for every cent) are the most possible to want Thanksgiving leftovers to the Thanksgiving food
  • Those people dwelling in Atlantic Canada (70 for each cent) and British Columbia (64 for each cent) are the a lot more probably to select Turkey as the quintessential Thanksgiving meal when all those in Québec (7 for every cent) are most most likely to opt for ham
  • Throughout all Canadian provinces and locations, stuffing/dressing with sausage is chosen over stuffing with nuts
  • Canadians are also united across the land on the combo of Butter Tarts with Raisins.
  • Canadians favor to mix Thanksgiving dishes on the plate versus savoring them individually.


Methodology: The survey was done involving September 15-16, 2022, amongst a random variety of 1,518 Canadian grown ups. It has an estimated margin of error of +/- 2.5%, 19 moments out of 20.

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