Spring Arts Preview 2023: Your guide to the best in Vancouver dance, music, theatre, comedy, and visual arts

Here’s the great thing about the word “artist”: it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Which is another way of saying that, whether you’re talking Yoko Ono or Douglas Coupland, Nick Cave or Crystal Pite, Keith Boadwee or Shane Koyczan, they all belong at the same lunch table. As we return to something resembling normalcy here at the Georgia Straight, we’re pleased to bring you 2023’s spring arts preview.

This year’s package starts off with two generations of Vancouver artists—Kokoro Dance’s iconic Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget, and their multi-talented son Joseph Hirabayashi­—offering their perspectives on the challenges, and rewards, of making art in a city that sometimes seems solely focussed on real estate and getting a table at that hot Michelin starred restaurant.

From there we look at other voices continuing to shape the arts in Vancouver: emerging playwrights, dance renegades, and organizations embracing some big changes. There are also curated critics’ picks for the spring shows you don’t want to miss.

Like what you see here? Don’t forget to check back frequently over the coming days and we’ll be adding new profiles, features, and highlighted shows. One of those folks who wants everything at once? There’s a solution for that: run out and grab a physical copy of the Straight, which can be found in our boxes on the street, finer coffee shops, and particularly styling vintage clothing stores. Whatever your preferred method of reading, enjoy.

And remember, as Joseph Hirabayashi notes in his essay, anyone can be an artist. All you have to do is lean into the word and make something your own.



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