Rogers outage: Reimbursement increased to 5 days

Following Rogers’ nationwide network outage from last week, which interrupted telephone and internet services, the company announced on Tuesday that it will reimburse all impacted customers for up to five days of service.

A Rogers spokesperson called the move a “first step,” in a statement, though didn’t indicate how much, on average, each customer could expect to receive back. This is an increase from the initial promise to credit all customers for up to two days of service, which was first indicated on Rogers’ official Twitter account.

“We will continue to work around the clock to restore Canadians’ confidence in us,” the spokesperson said.

Rogers has said it will also “proactively credit all customers automatically” through their accounts, and that compensation should be reflected on next month’s bill.

Businesses across Canada were hit hard by the outage, with many losing out on large sums of money, Dan Kelly, president and chief executive of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses told the Canadian Press on Monday.

Kelly feels business owners should be given a free month of Rogers service to make up for the outage.

“There are businesses in Canada that have been closed down for over 400 days altogether in some parts of Canada over the last two years, and so every single day of sales is absolutely critical in this recovery period,” he said.

Montreal-based law firm LPC Avocat announced Monday that it has requested authorization to bring a class-action lawsuit against the telecom company.

The lawsuit is seeking $200 for affected customers on the basis that Rogers allegedly broke Quebec’s consumer protection law by failing to provide “an essential service” on July 8 and 9.

The suit also seeks an additional $200 for the Rogers’ assertion that it has the “most reliable network in Canada,” alleging that this constitutes a “false representation.”

Any Rogers, Fido and Chatr Mobile customers who were without service on Friday or Saturday are covered by the action, as are all Quebec residents who were unable to do certain financial operations, such as Interac payments and e-transfers, as a result of the incident.

Rogers’ announcement to increase compensation comes as some customers in Ontario are still unable to access certain services.

In a statement, Rogers said it was aware of remaining “intermittent “challenges.”

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