Reader letter: Treat cyclists like other road vehicle users

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I am writing this letter as a public safety announcement for drivers.

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As both a driver and cyclist, I appreciate drivers noticing cyclists and worrying about their safety. However, there is one behaviour some drivers do which they believe to be courteous, but which I feel is actually extremely dangerous.

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I am talking about drivers who have the right of way at a light or intersection, but who try to wave through a cyclist who is turning left.

When I am in the left lane on my bike and signalling a left turn, I need drivers coming through the intersection to drive their own cars, not try and decide what I should do.

As the driver across from me, you can’t see what I see. I see the drivers aside from you often barrelling through that same intersection. If I turn when you wave me through, I will die.

I also often see the driver one or two cars behind you who is not prepared to wait and who is in the process of pulling around you to go through the intersection. If I turn when you wave me through, I will die.

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The most courteous thing drivers can do for cyclists is to treat them exactly like other vehicles permitted on the road.

Drive your own car safely and let me make my own decisions about when I think it is safe to turn.

Melinda Munro, Windsor

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