Reader letter: Strong mayor legislation must be rejected

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It has been reported the Ontario government is introducing so-called Strong Mayor Legislation — initially in Toronto and Ottawa — under which only the mayor and not the whole council would vote on issues.

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As a former long-term city manager in Windsor and more recently a two-term councillor, I believe this to be a bad idea which would in effect disenfranchise the public who are presently represented by ward councillors. They also pay the taxes which fund municipal operations.

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Two examples of major decisions made by Windsor’s city council include the contracting out of janitorial services at Huron Lodge which led to a yearly savings of $600,000, plus the approval of the site for the proposed acute care hospital. The votes in each case were not unanimous, but did represent the views of a majority of the public — as they should.

Any decision only made by a mayor — no matter how competent — would not accomplish a similar majority result.

It is to be hoped our representatives at Queen’s Park will not vote for this undesirable legislation.

Hilary Payne, Windsor

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