Nebraska family finds lost dog just after shelter adopted pet out

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A family in Nebraska searching for their lost dog finally found the canine at their local humane society shelter.

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Under the city of Omaha’s 72-hour rule, any pet becomes the property of the humane society after three days in the shelter. The city ordinance states that the pet is then available for adoption.

Rebecca Jones has said her dog Bella went missing in early February, which she reported to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS). She watched their website for daily updates.

After days without hearing anything, Jones went to the humane society offices in person and found her dog there in a kennel.

But Bella had already been adopted out, as per the city ordinance.

The mistake Jones made was relying on the NHS to tell her if and when the dog had been found.


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On their side, the NHS said through a spokesperson that they try, but they are sometimes too busy to do the pet and owner match-up. 

Pam Wiese, of the NHS, said Omaha families are advised to check in with the shelter every three days.

Luckily for Jones, this story has a happy ending. 

The person who adopted Bella set aside the adoption so Jones and her dog could be reunited.

Jones finally has her dog safely back at home.

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