Do you like shredded cheese on your poutine, federal government asks

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Canadian federalism is in big trouble.

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For reasons unknown, the @Canada account, which has “showcasing Canada to the world” as its stated mission, sent a confusing missive about the Québécois delicacy on Saturday.

“Poutine is one dish that can bring all Canadian cuisine fans together, but its toppings sure can spark a debate,” the tweet announces, which is an ominous start.

It gets worse: “Some folks eat theirs the traditional way with curds and others use shredded cheese. Are you team cheese curd or team shredded? Tell us below!”

Is there a picture of the shredded cheese monstrosity? You betcha!

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“Shredded cheese, Canada?” PQ MNA Pascal Berubé asked, incredulously.  He added that this called for a response from Quebec.

The responses from members of the public were merciless.

“We need a third referendum,” one person declared.

“I’ve lost faith in my government,” another respondent noted.

“This ‘choice’ is anti-Quebec discrimination,” said another.

This is somehow not the first time @Canada has posted a horrifying poutine. In 2019, the account shared a picture of “unicorn poutine” featuring a gravy/oil slick of blue, pink and purple sauces.

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