Chain of Existence Obstacle raising recognition amongst young Quebecers about organ donation

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The annual event, which marks World Organ Donation and Transplantation Day, brings together residing donors as perfectly as the common community, and aims to increase recognition of the relevance of staying knowledgeable about organ donation. As standard bearers, participants will concurrently climb more than 20 mountains in Canada, the United States, France and Nepal.

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The Chain of Everyday living Challenge is also a fundraising marketing campaign arranged by Chain of Everyday living, an firm that will work in Quebec superior faculties to educate younger folks age 15 to 17 about organ donation and the importance of organ donation.

Founded in 2007, the Chain of Existence group seeks to stimulate a society of offering in Quebec modern society by focusing on schooling and youth, and estimates that it has arrived at nearly 100,000 younger folks given that its inception.

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